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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  November 13, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EST

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sesame street.. caught up in scandal..hat the man behind "elmo" is accused of doing.. and the part of the pllegationss. he admits to. on that gift card eeore you buyyit.. to giveeyou the moss bang for your buck. 3 3 3 puesday, november 13thh 3 3
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3 pnother massive water main break brinns baatimore to a halt yet again.this time... at maaison street and fallsway undeeneath the j-f-x. broke during yesterday's mmrning commute... and is still backing up raffic at
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this hour.megan gilliland s liveeat the scene with a look at what we're dealing with now. good mmrning guys,you can eee phis area is blocked off... ccews work to rrpair tte 30-inch line that broke undergr. undergrouud.17 feettbelow the streets surface.despite ii's see from this video... it was really just ushing out from eeery crevice.turninn ttis anotherrsection of the city (man in jjan jackkt)"itssjust man)man foorreal....if you ask me it looks like tte arbor.. laugh""ww dont have any water pressure in the builddnggright now" this morning... nearbb pesidentt and busineses still have little r no water flowing through their pipes. no ord on owwlong this one will take to fix. infrastructure is a problem. & in mount vernon, i' megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. less than two miles from this
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break... the monument treet sinkhole doesn't seem to be getttng aay better.heevy rainn have pushed the project back to now mid-decemberr so far... the sinkhole is roving doubling its estimate to 7-yis cost. 3 & first on fox.... a city police officer is unddr investigation... for the sexual assault of aateen at a group hooe. the officer was reportedly called to the northwest baltimore home for a possibleetheft.buu sources say... e ended up having ssx with a female resident.... áwhile on ddty.á duty.áhere's what we know about the incident..he officer is 39-year-old elliot simon. phe teen involved is an 18-year-old girl. ggrl.someone reporteddthe incident oo sundayy.. and there is now a criminal and internal investigation unddrway. pnderway.theeofficer has been suspended withouu pay.the case has now been referred tt the state's attorney's office... commissioner anthony bbtts has
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to say.
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target,,it's elmo. everybody knows eemoo so.." so.."the perroo making the 23-year-old man... who says he began a exual elationship clash admits to haaing aa pelationship with the accuuer... but sayy it didn't begin until after he had become an adult. clash is currently on leave of absence from sssame street.. rockville police arrest a the montggmery college campus.3& campus. witnesses alled police after reportedly "felt like shootinggppoplee just for fun."officers ttacked phe an down and took him intto ccstody ess than n hour pater.investigators bblieve hee was upset over a reeent preak-up. kirkland says: "i was kindd f scared,,because i didn't know if he was still here cause thee here so i was just kind of llooing aroond."ryoo says: "i had seccnd thoughts about shhull i get off campus or not." not."thh student d not havv a weapon on him wwee police
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officials did not lock down campus oo issue any alerts. they saa the nature of thh ttreat didn't waarant such action. &p3&pthe man accused in a serie one of those assauuts.oast iss 3 pssaults.aaron thomas is scheduled toobe in a virginia courtroom today.he's charged thee...but pollceebelleve he of pay be ressonsible for as many up and down the east coast... dating back tt 19-97 in prince george's counny. the scandal involving formerr - i-a director david petraeus now involves a ssccnd high-ranking ilitary official. as ed payne explains... general john allen... the u-s said to have sent emails to a woman linked in the affair with formee c-i-a director david etraeus. general john allen, the top is now unddr investigatiin for potentiallyyinappropriaae eeails with a woman liiked to
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the david petraeus affairr jill kelley. kelley is said to haae sparkee theef-b-i investigation into the relationship between petraeus and is biographer, ppala &pbroadwell.f-b-i gents carrie out boxes from broadwell's charlotte, north carolina home monday night. agentt wouldn't say what they found.the f-b-i is unner scrutiny as well. chairwoman dianne feinsteinn wants tooknow why the f-b-i did not ttll congressional overssght committees ahead of time abbut the petraeus affair. feinssten's committee &pplans to meet privately today to determine how it will broadweel was a biographer for the decorated four-sttr army co-authored the book on petraees with broadwell says booh parties haveeregrets but transpired and realize they both made the bbggest mistakes &pof their lives and uh- i assume both of hem --uh-
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would bet both of them, yoo i know, sort of come roaring back."there s speculatton broadwell could have received cllssified information during her affaii with petraeus... p-i-a director believe that is - not true."i don't believe him and knowing him that there was anyycrossover between hii peesonal life that he was haviig with paula and his duties that he was carrying out as the director offcia." 3&petraeus resigned friday... a head of the c-i-a.his affair came to light during an f-b-i investigation of "jealous" e-mailssreportedly sent by broadwell toojill kelley... who sayysshe is a friend of the petraeus family. &plance armssrong is officially cutting ties... wiih the livestrong foundation.on monddy... the former voluntarily resigned from its boarddof directors... to sparr
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tte orranization aay further neggtive effects from alleged performance-enhancing drug use.armstrong helped years ago... after he early died of testiculaa cancer. using drugs.ill eniess ver u-p-s s cutting its charitabbe ties with the boy scouts of america.the shipping giant says it is pulling all ddnationn to the group as long as they excludd gays and lesbians.this move comes after &pan online petition protestingg the company's annual grants o the scouts got more than gave 150- thousand ddllarssto the boo scouts in 20100 today... congrrss returrn from aa ong list of unfinished business.on theelist... is fiiuring out how to aaoid the double economic hit of tax increases and auuomattc spending cuts to defeese and domestic programs. those cuts kick ii after anuary fiist. negotiations could takeeweeks and the iisue may nnt be resolved by yyarrs end.
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wake up to find a lump of coal on christmas morning...becauue says they're to blame.nd he blame.natsho! ho! hoo po!williammmitchelllhas been playing "santa" for the pass six christmases...aad this year he was hoping to drum up a little more business by ccristmas party.not only did they sent him a letter saying - he nneds to buy a business license or they would turn him over to the district attorney's office.mitchell bought tte 30-dollar license... but wasnnt happy about it. "if they're xpeeting aaything other than switches and ashes ffr christmas they are suffering fromma delusion." have to buy one if you make over 3-thousand dollaas a year...uttmitchhel only made 100-dollars..fterrlooking into the matter, the county cclrk's office is giving hii back his
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money. p three-month-old baby is takiig the internet by storm for his seemingly amaziig attitude....captured in a photo taken just five days &pafter open heart surgery. surgery.joey powling... sporting a cute smirk in this picture... has been duubed the "ridiiulousll good-looking baby".joey was born with a heart defect that affects the flowwof bbooddto his lungs... correet theeproblem.his y to parents say the operation went wwll...and now... joey is fammus.his picture has more thaa one-poiit-six million llkes onnfacebook. coming up on the eaaly edition... the prrce tag on the dream act. act.why there may not be a quick answer toothe cost of giving in-state tutitiin to illegal immigrants in maryland
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3 3 -3 3 3 3&&pstill to come... giving and holliay season. seaaon.the new trends that will provide shoppers with the biggest return. ((urriniiis) every llwwhas
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to be implemented with integrit" integrity."taaing advantage oo the maryland dream aat.the local colleges that could be the firsttto enroll students... under the new law. ((break 2)) 3
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3&pne week after maryland's dream act is approved by voters... local colleges are now assessing thh potential
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rydell tells us... community colleges are expected to see the first wave of studenns taking addantage of the new law. law. nearly 70-thousand attendd.. three campuses...of the community those...only a few dozen...are - illgal immmigrants..they higherbut by tte spring times semester...they'll beallowed &pstate tuition.american students we spoke with...are divided... over that nee law. (student) "i thiik it's good, ittgives everybody a greaterr opportunity to get an education which i think they cooe toothe uniteddstates not fair for voters, american citizens sayyin pennsylvaaia who just moved here and they have to pay ttree times tte ammunt, i don't think that's fair anddi don't think that'ss right."((ydell) "the president oo ccbc estimates that tte maryland dream act willlhave veryylittle econimic impact, &pat least for the first year, but she says all immigrants sho apply to become stuuents
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here will e closely scrutinized undee the ew law." ((urtinitis) "it can't justt e youuwalk up to the registrar and say heyyi'm here, no, there realll are a seriis because it's tte law, eeery law has to be implemented with integrity."immigrants...wwo enroll...mussthhve attended a paryland high school for three years...graduated from that high school...and their parents...must have paii... state innome taxes...for three really matter to me 'cause i'm &pgetting my education and they''e coming ere to do thee same thing."but immmgrants...who qualify...for discounted tuition... could 59-huunred dolllrs year in tuition.a cost that willl ultimaaely have to be absorbed by the stateeand numbers execpted tt jumppsignificantly in few years. in essex, john ryyell, fox 45 neew at tee. c---b-c's president says illeggl immigrantt ill not displace legal residents of baltimore countt.....because be counted as out-of-state strright ahead... new rules
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up billions in gifftcard purchases his holiday season. some trends that can briig nto gift card givers and recipients... he most baag for the buck. 3 --reporter pkggas follows -- the gift card game has changed over the lass few years. the provisionssregarrinngfees, pards, but a new survey shows consumers still need to be aware of what they're buying. in the lead-up to the holiday shopping season, bankrate looked at 63 gift cards, 8 card compannes, and 55 from - retailerssand restaurantss general use giit cards were far more likely to have fees
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from $2.95 to $6..5. inactivity fees could eat up 3 dollars per mmnth after the fiist year. he tradeeoff:: more freedoo.that's the biggest advannage of one of the general purpose gift cards is the flexibiiity it gives to the person you give the ift card to. store brrnded gift cards you hhve to use at tte chain or the brand so that limits itt but there are fewer fees that come with thooe cards. two-thirds of issuers said they would replace lost or tolen cards, though some require that you register thh card or have a receipt. consumers should look oo the back f theirrgift caad to find out what hey really need and 95 percent of the cards coming up... visiting family r and friends this thanksgiving. thanksgiving.the travvl forecast that's expected to be reeeased... llter today.
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during the season of audi event. the makers ffsynthetic pot target chillren.the paakaging youushould wwtcc out for. tonight on fox 45 news at five..3 3 &


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